B5 : Nanglerng


B5 : Nanglerng

B5 : Nanglerng

            Studio B5 Nanglerng

            3rd floor studio (Condominium setting : 24.00 x 21.00 x 3.25 m.

            3rd floor area : 504 sq.m.


Merit of Studio

            Studio B5 Nanglerng : B5 Designed to resemble shophouses from Bangkok’s Nang Lerng neighborhood of yesteryear, this building is located adjacent to Chareon Krung Studio and together can be turned into a scale model marketplace. The interior contains a medium-capacity soundstage as well as storage for costumes and accessories, all protected by state of the art security.

           Particularities : The three-stories concrete building serves as the main system unit for all studios and storage rooms for costumes and accessories. The exterior resembles shophouses from the Nang Lerng neighborhood of yesteryear.


Facility Details


1. Level 3rd filming area size : 24 x 21 meters. Area : 504 ตร.ม., Height 3.25 meters. Now building for the condominium-hotel room setting.

2. Storage for costumes and accessories. : 2nd floor.

3. Other amenities : Office space, canteen and pantry.

4. Service area : Toilets, control room, lift hairs 800 kg.






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